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Nervous? 3 Tips on Speaking with Confidence

May 4, 2012

With the business name, “BeverlySpeaks“, it’s not surprising that I am often asked for tips on giving a speech.  Those in any type of leadership are usually called on to do this at least occasionally.  With proper preparation, you can do it and you can do it well.
Here’s 3 simple tips to help you on your way.

Social Media: The Hottest Way to Market

April 24, 2012

What Do 91% of Business Owners Know that You Don’t?

                             Social Media is the Hottest Way to Market

I started blogging as a hobby in 2007 and unwittingly entered a whole new land that’s come to feel like home. You may have heard the saying, “I love my computer because that’s where my friends live.” So it was with that first blog that I discovered “virtual friendships” are very real. The speed at which technology advances can camouflage the things that are unchanging; like the power of connecting with people. People that share our ramblings along with our flashes of brilliance – our laughter, tears and fears.

I wistfully abandoned that first blog when my social media time turned into a strategy. I became very intentional as BeverlySpeaks took off, but the lessons learned and the friendships gained remain and it positioned me for “the next step”.

Those that say they don’t have time to “waste” on social media are ignoring the truth that you can’t afford NOT to engage in social media. Whether you make jewelry, write books, coach or practice law, your livelihood depends on new people who want what you have to offer. I could give you tons of statistics to prove my point, but simply put, it’s where your prospective buyers/readers/clients are hanging out. Online.

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, (that’s a big deal if you are an author or book lover!), is promoting his soon-to-be-released book, Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, and shares some valuable insights. Based on his experience of taking 3 years to even find a stride, he gives this advice to writers:

Question: When is the best time to build a platform?
Answer: Eight years ago.
Question: When is the second best time?
Answer: Today.

So there you have it. Now what are you going to do about it?

Join me for Social Media Madness Made Simple & Sane. It starts May 1. A fortuitious beginning.
Following the first 3 Introductory Webinars, we’re joining with the Women Business Owners Network for Social Media Bootcamp.

Let me know if you have questions. We’re in this together.

Your Million Dollar Mind

April 6, 2012

I’ve been thinking about money a lot lately.

You made a quick judgment when you read that, whether you realize it or not.

I’ve been pondering how  the beliefs we each hold about money are formed very early in our lives and are so woven into our thinking that they are rather hard to change.

We all like money.  Having it certainly makes life easier.  I’ve always laughingly said, “money is not the most important thing in life but if I eliminate that as a problem, at least I can have my other problems in style.”  And like many, I’ve had  desert seasons in life when there was barely enough and I’ve enjoyed abundance.  Abundance is more fun, hands down.

But some of us aren’t really comfortable with confessing that we want more. We think that’s not very spiritual, or perhaps might even be morally wrong.  That belief system can wreak havoc on your success in business.

I find it interesting that we can give mental assent to the fact that creating wealth is good for the economy, good for our families and a blessing to the community, yet if our deeply held heart’s belief doesn’t line up with this, we will sabotage our efforts to change our financial picture. And even when you make the mental decision to shift your thinking about money, it takes daily intentionality to synchronize your deeply held beliefs with your intellect and affect  your actions.

For example, have you ever struggled with forgiving someone?  I recall a time when I was deeply hurt and offended by someone. I wanted to forgive them, I needed to forgive them, and thus chose, as an act of my will to forgive them. Did that instantly change my feelings, responses and everything was just fixed in that relationship in a snap? Nope. It took work.

I would still find my gut clinching and old feelings surfacing when I was provoked.  It  was as if there were deep ruts in my thinking that my thoughts slid into if I wasn’t careful.  It took time and effort to  renew my mind, heal my heart and truly erase the old pain.

And that’s the way it works when you embrace prosperity and have to work past an old poverty mind-set.  It takes time and it takes effort.

Revelation on a subject will lead to inspiration and application. If you want revelation on this subject, I suggest “Thou Shall Prosper“, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. If you are in business, this is a “MUST read”!

“Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail” – Richard Friedman

You can have both.

For more thoughts on this subject and releasing the wealth within you, join me on 4/11 for a Tele-Conference Call: Where Dreams and Dollars Meet. Register HERE

The Sound of Success

April 5, 2012

Too many people today die at 40 and they simply aren’t buried until 80. Sadly, they become examples of half-lived lives – people going to their graves with their best music still in them.

I heard that when I was in my twenties and it caused an ache in my heart.  I made a lasting  decision to not let that be said of me.  The idea of being buried with your best music still in you was especially meaningful to me because I’m a musician. I’m bilingual and English is not my first language, music is.

Did you know that our DNA is actually a musical coding that vibrates at a unique frequency? You are created to emit a sound like no one else’s. Consider the Latin root of the word “person”. “Per” means passes through. “Sona” is sound. Person literally means one whom sound passes through.

So what about you? Are you going to release the sound that is coded into your DNA? You carry a message in the earth that no one else carries.

There’s numerous ways you can lose your song. Sometimes it’s because your DO has become your WHO. You can fall into the trap of letting your daily duties define you. For instance, let’s say you get a job right out of school that is not really what you want but hey-  it’s a paycheck. You figure, “this will work for now. ” You get busy with life and before you know it, 10 years have slipped by. If  you’re not careful, you can allow a job to begin to define you.  That’s especially dangerous if it’s not connected  with your  passion, talents and gifting.

That can cause you to lose your “song”, both literally and figuratively.

And then somehow, you can be deceived into thinking that even if you COULD create an income from doing what you love, that it would be wrong to make money through your gifts. The reason we have the gifts is to help others, and in our culture, we think that means we have to give it away. (We’ll have that discussion another day, because it’s a long one.)

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to separate your WHO from your DO.  However, that’s not where we live. So how do you find your song,  if you’ve lost it, or never acknowledged it?

Start by not being be confined or defined by what you do. Dig deeper. Listen to your heart.  We all want new, but our minds think in the old.  There’s a new song in you! Hearing it, then tuning our hearts and minds to that same song, creating rhythm and harmony between the two, takes practice. And it’s not a class they’re teaching at the local college. (Though they should be.)

Good news –  I know where you can be discovered!! Your song, your talents, your gifts are your wealth. And that can and should translate into money. Your life is an untapped well of abundance. It’s going to be fun to see the gusher come forth.

In poetic terms, I have a minstrel’s school on the mountain of business success. You’ll find it extremely refreshing.

For more on this subject,  join me on next week’s Tele-conference call, The Wealth Within, April 11 at noon ET, 9 am PT. Register Here.

Give Yourself a Promotion

March 22, 2012

I’m spring cleaning my business – I bet yours needs it too. It’s more fun to do with someone else so let’s get to it.

P.S. I’ve been studying the pros and cons this week of using “real” clips on You Tube vs. going to a studio and having videos professionally shot.  The consensus seems to be that if you’re making a TV commercial, you really need to choose a studio. But the web crowd likes to “keep it real” and You Tube is definitely authentic.

So I chuckled when I realized the mistake I  made in this video AFTER I uploaded it to You Tube. See if you can find it.

Am I Going in Circles, or What?

March 1, 2012

You can’t buy a ticket to success since it’s not a destination. If you could, it wouldn’t  be a one- way ticket and it wouldn’t be a direct flight. Have you ever had an itinerary that included multiple stops – even some that required you to deplane? And you complained! Well, forget the plane, we’re talking  bicycle today.

A cycle is something that rotates or moves in sequence and can be either a circular or spiral arrangement. Sometimes the motion is repetitive but there is a destination.  That defines the cycle of success and  it often leaves me frustrated.  There have been times when I’ve worked long and hard and have agonized over my lack of measurable progress.  I’ve chastised myself and wondered what lesson I had failed to master to allow me to proceed to the next level.

Webster’s Dictionary gives several definitions of cycle including this one: “a series of narratives dealing typically with the exploits of a legendary hero.”  

In the story of your life, you are the hero. And you know that no heroic story is complete without obstacles, setbacks and harrowing times when you wonder if you’re even going to make it.

The progress toward our goals and the fulfillment of our dreams is never a smooth, easy journey. It’s a cycle of ups and downs . Days of great victories are punctuated by heart-breaking disappointments sandwiched between days that can seem monotonous. You not only wonder if you’re ever going to arrive, you question whether you’re even on the right road.

All of us are trailblazers when it comes to our dreams. And the trail up the mountain is not straight up. (Unless you’re an extreme sport kind of rock climber. And they have an unacceptably high mortality rate.) The ascent up the mountain of your dreams is most often  accomplished by traveling in a gradually ascending spiral or on switch-backs.

Both paths will cause you to feel like you aren’t making progress if you look at just one course of the journey. Success is a cycle.  Embrace the process and savor the journey. You will pass never pass this way again.

The Week in Review – 140 Characters at a Time

February 25, 2012

I joined the Twitter stream several years ago on the advice of Wendi McNeill, owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services. I whined about having one more thing to do every day to build my online presence and like a good coach, she said, “suck it up.”  7737 Tweets later, I think you can say I’m hooked. I heard there’s a WordPress plug-in to pull tweets into a weekly digest, but I’m doing this by hand today. I happen to be a little quote-obssessed which may explain one reason I love twitter. Some highlights from my tweets this week:

When you lead, your life should be a magnifying glass for others.

Problems are only opportunities with thorns on them.~ Hugh Miller

Nothing gives a day a greater chance than a good wallop of passion. ~ Max Lucado

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. – Jim Rohn

Live without pretending. Love without depending. Listen without defending. Speak without offending.

A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence. ~Jim Watkins

We spend most of our time learning (or teaching) yesterday’s map, while we should be directing our energy to calibrating our compass. ~From Seth’s blog

“Nobody succeeds beyond his or her wildest expectations unless he or she begins with some wild expectations.” Ralph Charell

Sometimes your pit is just a “pit stop” enroute to your palace! Ask Joseph!

Try not to become a person of success but a person of value. ~Albert Einstein

You must either magnify your skills or modify your dreams.

The seeds of tomorrow’s success are often found in the dirt of yesterday’s failure.

Don’t join an easy crowd;  you won’t grow. Go where the expectations to perform and demands are high.

The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize. – Richard Monckton

Too many people today die at 40 are buried at 80-living half-lived lives and going to their graves with their best music still in them.

Meet me over at Twitter! @BeverlySpeaks

How to Kill A Relationship in One Easy Step

February 7, 2012

Email can kill a relationship.

I learned an indelible lesson about written communication when I was in 7th grade Spanish class. No- we didn’t have email back in the Stone Age,  but bear with me. My mother had taught me to NEVER put anything in writing that wasn’t meant to be read by many, with the exception of writing in my journal. But in a moment of frustration and anger,  I wrote on my paper in class “Bissell is a b—-“.    I failed to see Mrs. Bissell working her way around the class and reading over my shoulder.  Busted. I  can still feel the heat as my cheeks flamed in embarrassment.  Lesson learned.

What does this have to do with email?

Email is a convenient, non-intrusive way to communicate information.   But it’s a lousy way to communicate emotion-laden messages.   It’s entirely too easy for people to “read between the lines” and inject hidden meaning where maybe there is none. Furthermore, don’t assume the message will only be read by the recipient. They can forward it, print it, re-read it, stew on it… you get the picture.  The inherent danger of email is that it’s fast. It’s too easy to fire off a message when you’re angry.  It’s easy to kill a relationship in one touch of the “Send” button.  So what’s the safeguard?


Otherwise, you might  be like a 7th grader in Spanish class- writing something in a moment of anger and frustration that you’ll regret for a very long time.

Hope for the Harried

February 6, 2012

I’ve been called Pollyanna more than once in my life and I don’t mind. I have my feet planted firmly in reality but I figure I’m not bound by circumstances. With the right amount of sunlight, nutrients and warmth, I can grow and bring beauty to that reality.

With that frame of reference, I bring you “Win From Within“. This installment is in the form of a Free Tele-Class on Weds. Feb. 8th at  noon ET. Here’s what you can expect:

Hope for the Harried – You’ve been promoted or are experiencing the flow you’ve worked so hard for. And now you wonder if you’ll ever have a chance to sleep again. You’re holding on by your fingernails… and I’ve got good news for you. You can get a better grip, get aligned and go higher.

This call will teach:
The Way Up is Down (You Can Be Busy without Being Stressed – 4 tips on HOW)

Stay in Your Lane – How to Run Further Faster & Give Your Best

The Heart of the Matter – Authenticity is “In” – Keeping Up with the Jones’ is OUT

The Importance of Timing (You Can Have Everything You Want in Life, You Just Can’t Have it All at The Same Time)

How do YOU spell Success? (Creative Spelling 101)

This Tele-Class is for those committed to bringing their A-game to work every day. (And have a life in the meantime. Reserve your spot at no charge HERE  All who register will receive the link to the recorded call in case you miss it.

Sit Down and Stand Out

January 30, 2012

Americans are infamous for the pace at which we go through the day. It seems as if half the world might be sipping coffee in a proverbial sidewalk cafe, while we’re part of the crush of cars in rush hour traffic – frantic stops and starts, honking madly,  squealing tires and gesturing rudely at one another through closed windows . Not a pretty picture.

But you’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do. So how do you slow down when your “to do” list is out the wazoo?

Learn to sit down on the inside. It’s an art.  You can be busy without being stressed.  I know – easier said than done. And some days I’m better at it than others.

But here’s 4 ways to sit down and stand out at the same time:

1)  Be Authentic. The fake it until you make it days are OVER.  I do believe I hear a collective sigh of relief.  You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’ or anyone else. You are enough.  Yes, you heard that right – YOU are enough.  Not you HAVE enough, but you ARE enough.  The rest is details.  And will come with time.

2) Worry Strategically. I didn’t say “quit worrying” because you would have quit reading.  But consider this, psychological research shows that approximately 40% of what we worry about simply won’t happen and 30% has already happened.  Statistically,  another  10% of worries are over health matters and another 10% goes into the miscellaneous category.  Most of these worries fall into the “things you can’t change category” which means they are totally a waste of time. BUT… if you want to do the math for yourself, at least start a worry tablet and categorize your concerns, then allot an hour a week to focus on your worry tablet. Sound ridiculous? Try it. At the very least, you’ll get some laughs….

3) Laugh Daily.  I have this one mastered to the point I can teach it. Lighten up. Even if it’s just enough for a quick laugh.  Whether it’s calling a friend who always has a humorous perspective, seeing what the post of the day is on  the silliest Facebook sites  – whatever it might be that strikes you as funny – listen for the sound of your own laughter. It’s good medicine.

4) Make Measurable (even if it’s tiny) Progress on Something Meaningful Every Day.  An intensive study  by 2 Harvard Business School Professors who authored The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work  shows that people’s “inner work lives” matter profoundly to their performance. The authors advise to religiously protect at least 20 minutes –  ideally, much more –  every day, to tackle something that matters most to you.  The progress, and the mini-celebration of simply noting it, can lift you.

Now, there’s the four corners of a blanket of calm that you can pull up on yourself every day.

NOTE: For more on this subject, Join me for a Free Tele-Class
Win From Within: Training Tips for Everyday Champions
Weds. Feb 8th, 12 Noon (ET)


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