I don’t know anyone who doesn’t deal with procrastination in some area of their life. I confess I deal with it in most areas of mine. I’m pretty good at it. Too bad no one needs lessons in how to procrastinate. Fortunately, the victories I have experienced also equip me to combat it more effectively, as it is rarely productive.

This subject is fresh on my mind because I went last week for a medical screening that I had putting off for no less than TEN years! Actually, at some point, I made an intentional decision to schedule it in 2008. Then I MADE myself follow through with that. My biggest lesson on the pain of procrastination was learned with my tax returns. I used to always get an extension, but I discovered that it never got easier to do them. It actually became more difficult the longer I waited and the last time I delayed I had to pay some penalties. Now I set a date to get them to my accountant and stick with it.

Here are a few hints that help me get the task at hand checked off so I can move forward:

1. Set a specific deadline for accomplishing the task. Put it in writing.
2. Schedule a time to begin the task. Not complete it… just begin.
3. Schedule it for your high energy time of the day so that you can begin with a good attitude.
4. Write out some affirmations and talk to yourself in an encouraging way about this subject. For example: “I have a great sense of accomplishment as I press through the task of…”
5. Reward yourself in some way, no matter how small, when you act in a timely manner.

Remember, the pain of discipline is short-lived. The pain of regret lingers.

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One Comment on “Procrastination”

  1. Kerul Says:

    Some good suggestions here – you’ve obviously learned some hard-earned lessons.

    But don’t think all procrastination (or productivity, for that matter) is created equal.

    It can sometimes be good to procrastinate – it can lead to less struggle, delay (counter-intuitive, but true), and more optimal functioning.

    There’s a new book out titled Productive Procrastination, and it describes how to do it, how to tell productive from destructive procrastination, and how to end the destruction kind. It’s available on Learn more about the concept of Procrastivity at

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