Maximized Memory

I recently had the opportunity to visit with my friends, authors & speakers Ted & Sharon Broer.

They kindly gave me two of their books that I didn’t have yet. I read Maximum Memory immediately. It holds great interest for me since some of my senior relatives are dealing with Alzheimers, Parkinsons and dementia. I had an aunt die last year from Alzheimer’s disease. I honestly didn’t realize it was fatal until watching her progressive degeneration from the disease.

Maximim Memory is a timely book that is very well-written. It’s loaded with scientific information in a reader-friendly format. Ted inserts personal stories and keeps it interesting. I actually finished this book, which I must admit is often not the case with self-help books. I am appreciative of how much I learned. As with any type of degenerative disease, prevention is the name of the game. I added some nutritional supplements to my regimen as I reviewed what I take in light of his recommendations.

I was encouraged to learn that some of my daily activities are among those highly recommended for exercising both sides of the brain and staying sharp. Playing the piano or a musical instrument is invaluable as it accomplishes several brain-function goals. I am forced to pay attention, concentrate, use both hands and coordinate eye-hand movements. Reading and writing are great mental exercise, whether online or offline. I’m good there!

Memorization is very helpful. I need to work on this one. My healthy 101 year old grandmother can still recite poetry that she memorized decades ago. Inspiring!

My sister loves a Nintendo game called “Brain Age”.  A senior I know with Parkinsons’s recently bought a “Wii” in hopes of utilizing the eye-hand coordination as brain stimulation. Unfortunately, the set-up was more than he bargained for since he is not computer literate. Not surprisingly, watching television is NOT on the list of healthy brain activities!

My message for today is “use it or you’ll lose it”. I’ll leave you with the words of Teddy Roosevelt: “Let us run the risk of wearing out rather than rusting out.”

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