Getting Wordy

I have always loved vocabulary words. I truly believe that a standard education will get you standard results. Self-education is a life-long endeavor and quality that is shared by all successful people – bar none! I am a voracious reader and also subscribe to a “Word of the Day” service. Here’s today’s:


Part of Speech: adjective
Pronunciation: [‘sen-chent or ‘sent-shee-ênt]
Definition: Having sensation or feeling; finely attuned to sensation or feeling; aware.
Usage: “The spate of cold weather made me sentient to my flannel sheets and reluctant to get out of bed.” “I was sentient of a movement, as if a mouse had shuffled behind the chair.”

If you have 2 minutes, this short video can offer you a laugh and another new word. Is it nerdy that I enjoy watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee?  These kids are amazing.

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