A Call to Leaders

Profound. Life-changing. Invigorating.
I heard a speaker this week at a business luncheon that left the stage after what seemed like 3 minutes (I think it was actually 40 min.) and left the entire audience thirsting for more. The arrows of wisdom were flying and I couldn’t listen fast enough, much less take notes fast enough. I had never heard of Lance Wallnau, but he is an internationally-known speaker and I can assure you I won’t forget his name now. He is a man with a message.

Convergence was a key word. Lance defined career convergence as the summit – the focused coming together of experience, gifts and talents, passion and life purpose. The speaker noted only about 20% of people experience this convergence. Why? They give up and settle for less. It reminds me that I am a pioneer, not a settler. And I am reminded that if we refuse to bow to fear, we will see awesome things in the days ahead. We live in hard times, but exciting times. There is a need for leadership with integrity, vision, energy and purpose. I am not waiting on the results in the upcoming election to see who that may be. In my corner of the world, it’s me.

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