In the Zone

We had our first hard freeze of the winter last night.  As I lay snuggled down in the warm bed long after the alarm went off, I began to contemplate the term “comfort zone” for obvious reasons.  The word inertia came to mind. That’s what I’ve been experiencing with this blog and I determined that today I would break blog silence even if I didn’t have anything profound to say.

I’ve been reading and lurking at some fascinating blogs, that happen to be written by a variety of best-selling authors ranging from Michael Pink to Seth Godin.  While I find the material very interesting, it has created  writing reluctance in me. Maybe a more direct term would be fear of failure. If I compare my writing to theirs, it totally intimidates me.  Why do we do that to ourselves? 

There is no success without some level of failure.  Today I lightened up a bit with some good laughs at  I’ve always found that laughter is a wonderfully healthy exercise. It’s as if it provides fresh air: mentally, physically and emotionally.

So today I laughed and tackled blog inertia; the indisposition to motion, exertion, or change.
I have overcome inertia with action.   I’ll have to work on profound tomorrow.

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