And then some…

This weekend, I actually had the pleasure to witness some top-notch customer service in a retail store. I’m pretty sure it made such an impression because it is a bit unusual these days. I’m going to make sure the folks at American Eagle know that Jarrett (who works at Destin Commons) is most likely management material. It’s all about attitude, work ethic, and then some. I’ll be writing more this week about entrepreneurial behavior. In the meantime, a gift book that I was reviewing this morning says it well:

And then some…
these three little words are the secret to success.
They are the difference between average people and top
people in most companies.
The top people always do what is expected…
and then some.
They are thoughtful of others; they are considerate
and kind…and then some.
They meet their responsibilities fairly and squarely…
and then some.
They are good friends and helpful neighbors…
and then some.
They can be counted on in an emergency…
and then some.
I am thankful for people like this, for they make
the world a better place. Their spirit of service is
summed up in these three little words…
and then some.”

Excerpt from Charging the Human Battery
By Mac Anderson

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One Comment on “And then some…”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Hi Beverly,

    On behlaf of the Destin Commons management team, we would like to thank you for posting this information on the customer service that you received at American Eagle. We have contacted the manager to share this with her (Ann Marie) and will also be thanking Jarrett. We are always pleased to hear positive comments on how our stores are placing our customers first!

    Thank You,
    Crystal Petti
    Director of Marketing
    Destin Commons

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