Hippocrates is Still Talking

A number of years ago, I attended a CLASS Seminar and Training (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers)  with Florence Littauer. She is a prolific author and wrote Personality Plus among other books. Soon after, I began offering a seminar, which was more popular than I expected, called “Discovering Your Personality IQ”.

In a recent discussion with my husband about whether or not to get a particular puppy I fell in love with, I was reminded of our personality differences and how important it is to consider how we can complement each other if we take the time to think and not just react. (Who me?)

As a Sanguine, my plan of action is
Ready, Fire, Aim.
Think about that, or not, as the case may be.

My husband is a Melancholy and his method is Ready, Aim, Doublecheck your Aim, Deep Breath while Aiming, Step Back and Check the Wind and How it Will Affect Your Aim, ReAim,

It definitely helps in relationships to respect the personality differences rather than let them annoy you. I had “retired” that seminar but I am thinking I need to resurrect it.  The lessons are still as applicable today as they were 20 years ago. In fact,  to consider that Hippocrates came up with the basic 4 personality classifications in 370 BC does imply longevity.

Would you take the time to attend a refersher course on the personality types ? I’d be interested to know.

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