Two Heads are Better than One

I miss being a part of a mastermind team. I became acutely aware of this missing piece in my business assets as I took inventory at the beginning of the year. I have been pondering a solution for the last several weeks. In the past, the mastermind groups I have been a member of were local and were people in the same field. Technology has enabled connecting with people all over the country. I know there are many business coaches that offer tele-conferences for mastermind groups.

However, I’m proceeding carefully as there’s a critical factor involving best use of time. I am very careful who I commit my time to. I also am very selective regarding the ideas I choose to listen to and the people I want to be around. Perhaps too selective? I think not.

The other type of group I miss being a member of is a business networking group. In another time and another place, I was a member of Tips of Tallahassee. This was a privately run weekly business group designed to share referrals and boost each other’s morale and business opportunities. It was very worthwhile and I’ve always kept my eye out for something like that in my area. For some reason, the networking groups that are run by any Chamber of Commerce seem to become impotent. I have my suspicions on why, but I’ll keep those to myself for now.

I’m considering the idea of starting a networking group. I’m an entrepreneur at heart and this seems like it could be community service as well as fulfilling a personal business goal.

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2 Comments on “Two Heads are Better than One”

  1. Michael Kern Says:

    I am interested in your thoughts about the impotent networking within Chamber of Commerce groups. I belong to a business networking group and was wondering about joining the chamber. Please help.

  2. heather Says:

    I have found that while I am adequately self motivated to run a personal business on my own, I am more creative and generally effective when I have someone else with whom to bounce ideas. The solution almost always comes when I’m thinking “out loud.”

    I am fortuante that I long ago found a person who I can do just that with. She now lives in Atlanta and myself in the Florida panhandle, so much of this exchange is done via email, but it is still just as effective. I think it works so well for us because of the previous hours upon hours of face to face relationship building and conversation we shared. Now, years later, we can read each other’s minds through a quick email.

    As always, the relationship came first, and the fruit of that endeavor I still reap every day.

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