The Spirit of Freedom

Hard work, hope, perseverance and vision. The pioneer vs. the settler mentality.

The entreprenurial spirit is alive and well. I’ve been consulting recently in the eCommerce industry and have noted that successful business principles are universal, regardless of the technological application and physical structure of an enterprise.  This observation has caused me to reflect on the power of the entrepreneurial spirit.

None of the business owners I know are sitting back and waiting for a hand-out in a tough economic environment. They aren’t hiding their heads in the sand and waiting for one more forecast of “grim and grimmer”.  No matter how bad things get you can’t crush the entrepreneurial spirit. In the end, it won’t matter what the government spends on pork barrel projects. That’s not what will turn this economy around. It will be the spirit of the independent business owners that drive our economy back to solid ground.

On a lighter note, does this photo from represent persistence? Or does it say “laugh in the face of adversity”?

fail owned pwned pictures

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One Comment on “The Spirit of Freedom”

  1. Dave Ramsey said something very similar on The Early Show last week. When asked where he sees the hope, he said he was counting on that creativity and determination to turn things around. Great minds think alike!

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