Everyday Epiphanies

epiphaniesYou’ve heard of paying it forward. You’ve heard of random acts of kindness. You’ve probably heard about the book Love Dare, made popular by the movie Fireproof.

I’ve been interested and intrigued by all of these but have fallen short of implementing consistent actions that embrace the intent of these honorable concepts. Then the idea of Everyday Epiphanies blossomed in my thoughts.

I now resolve to challenge myself to 40 days of showing love in an intentional and unexpected way to someone every single day. I realize I can learn so much if the plan is multiplied through my blog friends, so I invite you to join me for Everyday Epiphanies.

The goal is to show love in some small way, whether it be to a spouse, a neighbor, a child, a stranger… whoever you have opportunity to be a blessing to. It can be a note, a smile, a word of kindness; it doesn’t have to cost more than a moment in time.

Today,  Weds. Feb. 24th is the beginning of Lent. It matters not whether the church you attend formally commemorates Ash Wednesday and the time of reflection that leads up to Resurrection Sunday (mine doesn’t). I think the timing is perfect for this 40 day commitment.

Epiphany means “manifestation of the divine.” Will you join me in looking for simple ways to be a breath of hope and love in someone’s life?

I will post every Friday through April 10th  with my updates and challenge you to join me. Please plan to come  by and  comment regarding what you are experiencing in this journey.

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One Comment on “Everyday Epiphanies”

  1. Beverly, I’ll always remember the time when a friend and I ‘discovered’ the word epiphany. We’ve scattered it many times throughout our conversations over the years.

    Although I sort of knew it had a more sacred level to it, I always thought of it as a ‘lightbulb moment’, but I’m glad to learn that epiphany actually means ‘manifestation of the divine’.

    And I love your beautiful idea of Everyday Epiphanies.

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