Letters from Home

militarythankyouA newly married son of a very good friend was just deployed a month ago to Afghanistan. I’ve been hearing first-hand stories about the conditions over there and it’s a reality check in light of what I consider “rough”.

My personal journey that I’ve named “Everyday Epiphanies”  is causing me to push out of my comfort zone in acts of kindness. Expressing my thanks and support to our troops (especially the ones who don’t get much mail) is always very worthwhile.

If you’ve never done this before and want to know how, the best website for starters is http://www.anysoldier.com/index.cfm

I’ve put together my own boxes in the past with socks, babywipes, hand sanitizer, etc. In the food packages, I’ve done Gator-Aid mix, Kool-aid packs, cookies, trail mix, beef jerky and gum. You can get free boxes at the post office since Flat Rate postal is a good deal if you pack them totally full. Don’t mix food items with non-food items. This week, when researching this, I saw a request for magazines. I have a collection of my huband’s outdoor magazines that he hates to just throw away and I’m filling the largest flat rate box with for the cost of $10.95 to ship.

On the home-front, I’m continuing my mission to send hand-written cards and notes on a daily basis. I discovered that Target now has a greeting card section with cards that are .99 or less. They’re actually decent cards and I am finding they are helping me accomplish my mission.

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