The Rainforest Adventure

forestMy plane ticket is purchased, my passport is ready and my reservation is confirmed as I prepare to travel to the Rainforest of Panama on June 26th for training as a success coach with the Rainforest Institute.

As I’ve pondered this decision over the last several months, I’ve become excited and energized by the possibilities. When I read “The Rainforest Strategy” in January, it immediately went to the top of my list as one of my favorite business books. You can actually order this book for the cost of shipping ($6.95). Click Here

The mission of the Raniforest Institute is this:

“To distill and pass on life and business principles embedded in nature
helping people succeed in life as they reach for their dreams.”

As coaches, we will be working with the following market niches: (1) self employed, business owners and entrepreneurs, (2) managers within those enterprises (3) those employed in sales and marketing related positions and (4) those who aspire to any of the preceding.

Michael Pink is the gifted author and visionary behind the Rainforest Instsitute. His blog has been on my favorites list ever since I started reading blogs.

This is such an amazing fit for me in so many ways. One of my first jobs was at Selby Botanical Gardens, which influenced my decision to major in ornamental horticulture in college. After college, I became an entrepreneur and have never applied that information and passion. Taking the lessons from the most complex ecosystem on earth and applying them into business makes perfect sense to me.

You can count on reading my diary of my Rainforest adventure as the time comes. I’m already loving the journey.

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One Comment on “The Rainforest Adventure”

  1. Becky Says:

    You are evidently living an authentic life, as your proof is in the pudding. Loved your thoughts. Tell us more about how to be successful!

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