Sunshine After Rain

We are enjoying a spot of uncharacteristic low-humidity weather in N. Florida. It feels marvelous. It follows an extended period of heavy rains on a daily basis with a 24 hour constant of at least 80% humidity. I forgot to take a photo of our record-breaking crop of mushrooms last week.

Florida’s normal summer climate doesn’t feel altogether different from the climate of the tropical rainforest. But there are some crucial differences. Most of our moisture is atmospherically produced and relates to our proximity to water. But the rainforest produces a full 50% of its own rainfall; a result of transpiration. In the Rainforest Business Model, we equate water with information.

We live in the information age, so how could it be that one could not have a good flow of information? It’s critical that we CHOOSE the information that can make us thrive; the equivalent of the rainforest producing its own rainfall. A good portion of the information flow in our culture can be so toxic to our minds.

I’m flooded with wonderful training information as a result of my association with the Rainforest Business Institute. Books, CD’s, DVD’s, teleconference calls… it has me living on the edge of my seat in fascination.

Showers of blessings to you as you begin a new week. We can be transformed by the renewing of our minds! I love transformation.leaf_raindrops

Photo credit to David Gross for “Sunshine After Rain”

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