Respect the Gatekeeper

panamacanalI’ve been captivated with studying “gates” since my recent return from Central America. I’ve seen locks before; I’ve been on a ship that cruised the St. Lawrence Seaway and we had to go through locks on our way to the Atlantic ocean. But observing this engineering feat at the Panama Canal made a big impression on me and I’ve been digging for all that I’m to learn from observing the ships at the MiraFlores Locks. The Panama Canal is 50 miles long, extending from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea and I observed 2 of the locations as the great floating symbols of commerce moved massive amounts of goods through the waterway.

This week, I’ve been contacting some corporate CEOs and I’ve been reminded of the significance of the “gatekeepers” in an office. Someone might have the title of “administrative assistant”, but as a gatekeeper, they have tremendous influence. Whoever has control over the gates, has power and authority. I don’t ever forget it.

This photo doesn’t even begin to convey the size of the gates that allow millions of gallons of water to flow, once opened. locks_panamaMay you experience the favor of open gates and doors today. I’m expectant of that very thing.

(I took these photos while in Panama with the Rainforest Business Institute for training)

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