Multiply Your Intellectual Capital

Everything you need to know about business can be learned in the Rainforest.  Really. There are 21 high growth factors identified in the rainforest strategy for direct application to business but let’s just look at the basics for a moment. 

The fundamental elements of the Rainforest are water, heat and light. Water is equivalent to information in the Rainforest model. There’s certainly no shortage of information in the age we live in, but how good is  your information? It matters. A lot.

Organizations are now routinely valued more by their intellectual capital than their physical assets. Edvinsson and Malone define intellectual capital as “the possession of the knowledge, applied experience, organizational technology, customer relationships and professional skills that provide an organization with a competitive edge in the market.” 

Investing in yourself and your team  through the Professional Learning Lab at the Rainforest Business Institute can increase your intellectual capital exponentially. It couldn’t be more convenient and affordable. In fact, I would ask, can you afford NOT to grow?? I think not.

Let it rain! Click Here for Details.


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