Something Extraordinary

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. ~ Jim Rohn

I’ve spent much of my career deeply involved with training.  This year, when I formed a strategic alliance with the Rainforest Business Institute, I gained access to some phenomenal resources to share with my clients. We’ve launched a Professional Learning Lab that is truly the most amazing resource I’ve seen in thirty years. I’m not going to try to explain it to you because I can do better than that – I can show it to you.
Do you believe that 2010 can be your best year ever? Would you like to rub shoulders with some people that absolutely believe this to be true? And better yet, want to impart that vision to you?

I’m scheduling an appointment with people who want to expand their vision and the scope of their business.  Though this resource is amazing as a corporate training tool, my particular passion is for the more than 50% of US businesses that have 1-4 employees. My personal experience is we can feel isolated and sometimes “stuck”, yet most small businesses don’t have a budget for consulting services.

I’m extending an invitation for you to spend an hour with global consultant and author Michael Pink – free. 
The webinar is next Tuesday, November 10th  at 9 am ET.  (If you’re interested, but the time doesn’t work for you, please contact me.)

Please let me know immediately if this is something you would like to investigate. The value is immeasurable and the webinar is limited to 15 people so the line can be open for questions and interaction.

I believe something extraordinary awaits us.  Email me at to reserve your place.

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