Treasure Hunter

“Today’s the Day!”
-Mel Fisher, Treasure Hunter

The thrill of the hunt. We’ve all experienced it, whether it’s hunting for wild game or the right automobile at the right price.  It speaks of  the relentless pursuit of a goal; a quest.  

I view this day as a treasure hunt. Call me a big kid, but the thought gets my adrenaline going and makes me feel a rush of excitment as I consider the possibilities.

I wore a silver coin that has been beautifully crafted into a necklace yesterday and I’m thinking I should wear it everyday because of what it does for my imagination. It’s not just any silver coin- this one spent 350 years at the bottom of the ocean. It came from the bounteous treasure of the Spanish galleon, the Atocha, which sunk off the Florida keys in 1622.

I value this coin not so much because it’s a collector’s item, but because of the story of vision, passion and relentless determination that it represents. I’ll not take your time to tell the story, because it represents a man’s 11 year mission to accomplish a dream. It required faith at a level that most people called “crazy”. Has anyone ever thought you were crazy for pursuing a vision? If not, I dare say you are not stretching far enough. It required incredible sacrifice …of time, of money and in this case, even of human lives.

Would treasure hunter Mel Fisher say it was all worth it? His legacy is a resounding “YES”. Mel did not leave this earth having succumbed to other people’s small thinking or dwarf goals. Without a doubt, he was a “change maker”. His influence will change the lives of every generation in his family to follow his now legendary status as “treasure hunter”. What about you? What treasure are you seeking? Does it fire your dreams and stoke the fire of daily activity? Are you on track to be a change maker? If not… “Today’s the Day!”

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One Comment on “Treasure Hunter”

  1. Michael Pink Says:

    What a great blog! Loved your story! You pull great content together so powerfully and succinctly! Way to go Beverly!

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