Take Time to Enjoy the Ride

On a recent Sunday afternoon; I was enjoying the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful spring day when I noticed some daffodils blooming by my patio. The bulbs had been given to me from those planted in the yard of my precious grandmother, LouLou, years before. My thoughts took a jog on memory lane as I began to think about what she would have been doing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

LouLou was far too frugal to have a driver or a maid. However, the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” still evokes some accurate images of my diminutive southern grandmother and one of her favorite pastimes.

Though she drove her car until she was well into her 90’s, her brother was usually the one who “carried” her to see the farm, an unhurried afternoon ride to tour the countryside. As a child, I didn’t enjoy those car rides that seemed to lack a destination or purpose. They consisted of leisurely drives on rural roads and quiet conversation.

As an adult, I learned to enjoy this old tradition of “riding”, especially on a pretty day. The opportunity to hear LouLou’s recollections and enjoy her observations was always time well spent. I learned that she was a storehouse of wisdom and experience but I had to slow down and listen. I came to understand that the destination and purpose of “riding” was tied into relationship and had little to do with arriving at a particular place.

And so it goes in taking the time to develop a corporate culture built on relationships. Sometimes we become so consumed with meeting deadlines, increasing profits and maximizing productivity that we don’t cultivate relationships built on communication and trust. We don’t plan into the calendar time for fun and frivolity. In taking ourselves so seriously, we can omit a vital part of success that can cause a serious bankruptcy in individual attitudes which can shut down the sense of unity and team. It can be cathartic to get together in a setting outside the daily hustle. Enjoying the ride is time well spent.

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