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Nature is speaking forth messages every day in a multitude of ways.  I first became enamored with the lessons nature wants to impart when I was in high school and got a part-time job at the developing Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL. I experienced the rainforest vicariously by assisting in placing orchids and cataloging the photographs of rare species when the scientists returned from Ecuador, Panama and other locations in S. America. I pored over the artists renderings of the future of the garden that has become a stunning Eden.  I majored in plant science in college but developed an entrepreneurial fever that landed me in the midst of the marketplace.  

So you see, the application of the laws of creation to business comes naturally to me. This week, I’ve been pondering the value of persistence and consistency and as expected, this powerful principle is displayed in the tropical rainforest,  the most abundant ecosystem on earth. Consistency is seen in all 3 primary factors that fuel its growth; water, heat and sunlight. The consistency of the heat and light exist because these rainforests thrive along the equatorial belt. The water is a subject for another day. 

There is almost no variance in the length of days in the rainforests that belt the equator. The temperature stays near 80 degrees all year long. Plants love it. (“Who wouldn’t?” says this Florida gal.)  The flourishing, exotic and varied plant life is a testimony to the power of persistence & consistency. 

Consistency and persistence are leadership qualities that don’t generally cause a great stir of excitement. But there will be days we each need the reminder that regardless of the fact that we don’t see the progress we desire, there is growth. Character is following through with a good thing, even when the mood has left you. And trust me, the mood will leave you! That’s where persistence comes in. 

Lush, vigorous growth comes one day at a time. Shake off the weariness and press on. The sun is shining & it’s time to flourish, not languish. Come on, we’ll make it to the top together.

This week’s video coaching tip is on the subject of persistence.  Click Here for Adrenaline for the Soul.

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