Fly Higher, Faster, Farther

Source: NASAexplores

I’ve had the French word “peloton” on my mind for several months and this weekend’s Gulf Coast Triathlon, taking place in my backyard, gives me reason to focus on the meaning of the word.

Peloton should be a vital part of strategic alliances – those partnerships that create synergy and simply make things work better. Nature’s peloton is observed in the flying formation of geese & other migratory birds. By flying in a V-shape, the drag can be reduced enough to allow the birds to fly 70% farther than a single bird could fly. The point & tip birds exchange places in the formation to reduce fatigue.

Man is continually learning from nature and cyclists imitate this law of nature by forming a peloton, particularly in races. This technique of drafting, or slip-streaming, enables them to go faster and farther than they could by riding alone.  Incidentally, this formation is also utilized by military aircraft as it also helps in maintaining visual contact, thus facilitating communication.

We need to be alert to the opportunities to position ourselves for slip-streaming with other leaders. The winds of adversity are still steady in our economy. By working together, we can minimize fatigue and maximize productivity.

It behooves us all to look for opportunities to network with a team of people who will encourage us, inspire us and improve the journey. I’m currently organizing MasterMind Mentor groups with this purpose in mind. Let me know if you’re interested.

In the meantime, start to build the power of slip-streaming into your life, your business, your family. I’ve heard it said that encouragement is oxygen for the soul. Don’t wait until you need resuscitating to hook up with people who are a breath of fresh air in your life.

Be sure to register for next week’s Teleseminar when I team with Becky Harmon of Success Not Sabotage Coaching to cover how to Earn More THIS WEEK in your business. We’ll be exercising the power of prayer and seeing the peleton effect of teaming with the Holy Spirit for breakthrough. What a ride!

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