Think Like a Patriot, Work Like an Immigrant

I’ve been told all my life that one of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence. Since my family is full of storytellers, this may or may not have a foundation in fact. I do know that the commissioned portrait of the ship on which my Dutch ancestors sailed to America has fanned my imagination and played a role in  personalizing the patriotism that is ingrained in me. Though I may criticize and rant about our government’s actions and policies, the freedom to voice my opinion and to vote is part of why I am deeply grateful to live in America.

As we move toward Memorial Day weekend, I’ve been thinking about patriotism, which to me includes recognizing the ultimate sacrifice that millions of men and women have made for our freedom. It also brings to mind struggle, hardship, vision and pursuit of a goal that is bigger than oneself. The pioneering spirit that birthed our country still lives in the heart of every entrepreneur.

America is truly a melting pot of people from every tongue, tribe and nation. As the proud descendant of immigrants, I want to live in a way that honors the incredible legacy I’ve been given.  There are still thousands of immigrants every year that arrive on our shores with the dream of a better life in America burning brightly. Many are characterized by unstoppable resolve and a phenomenal work ethic.

If we’re not mindful, that work ethic can turn to lethargy if we take our freedom for granted. Perhaps we need to consider our own diligence and level of motivation before we complain that our businesses and lands are being bought up by those new to our homeland.

We are not owed anything, but owe a debt of gratitude for the opportunities that lie right before us.

I will remember. What about you?

Link to 2 minute video clip on this subject: CLICK HERE TO VIEW

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