True Wealth

Have you ever suffered the excruciating pain of being around a 3 yr. old who hasn’t been disciplined and completely disregards parental authority?  Torture, sheer torture.  How is that picture much different from the way adults have acted in regard to having their own way with money?

 It’s public knowledge that the current economic climate isn’t so much a result of honest mistakes but rather the result of a lot of people who knew better – who knew that they were lending or borrowing in a reckless manner – but did it anyway.

That brings us back to two important words – discipline and authority. John Muratori covers these topics and a whole lot more in his amazing book, Rich Church, Poor Church. My guess is he played off the name of Robert Kiyosaki’s classic, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a book embraced by entrepreneurs that redefined paradigms about work and money.

Muratori is a pastor as well as a recognized authority on organizational management and strategic planning for businesses and ministries and wields a powerful hammer to crush paradigms about money and wealth that need to be destroyed. His discourse on the Jewish culture is most enlightening. Despite centuries of persecution, almost to the point of extinction, the Jewish people have always grown to be prosperous and influential in every country they’ve settled in. The author goes into great detail about their adherence to the teachings of the Talmud and their unwavering emphasis on education (historically for both males and females) and God’s money management principles.

I’ve read this book twice in the past year and I’m on my third read-through. It’s extremely rare for me to give one book this much attention and the subtitle reveals why: “Unlock the Secrets of Creating Wealth and Harness the Power of Money to Influence Everything.”

It’s crazy to me that there’s so much controversy among Christians regarding true wealth. I’ve observed that having more money doesn’t change who you are, but allows the expression of who you are to be magnified. A jerk on a budget can be a really big jerk if given a lot of money. A generous, kind person can give a larger expression to that with more resources. I believe that true wealth is having enough to accomplish God’s purpose for your life.

With this in mind, I’m teaming with Becky Harmon of Success Not Sabotage Coaching for a TeleSeminar on the topic Supernatural Success: The Truth about Passion, Profits and Power. If you sense that it’s time for a shift in your financial health, join us for the free Teleseminar on June 16. Click Here for Details  

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