The Truth About Passion, Power and Profits

Do you sabotage yourself financially?  As I’ve prepared for this week’s Tele-Seminar on The Truth about Passion, Profits & Power, I’ve realized that most of us have deep-seated belief systems about success and prosperity  that need to be redefined. Do you feel frustrated by your lack of progress and keep going around the same mountain? Do you yearn to move on to the next level?

“Every child of God has a promised mountain in his life. It may be a childhood dream or vision. It maybe a teen-age desire which has now been tossed aside as too impossible. It may be something God gave in prayer which seemed so impractical it was never tried. It may be some seemingly insurmountable obstacle. But every child of God has a promised mountain.” (From Where Eagles Soar by Jamie Buckingham)

It’s time to step up to the challenge. Don’t miss this call. The recording will be available – but ONLY  to those who register for the call. Register HERE

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