Hit & Miss is Mostly Miss

Blueberry Picking with a Well-Loved Baby

We celebrated our nation’s birthday along with the rest of America on Sunday, but we also celebrated our granddaughter’s first birthday over the weekend. I realize I’m not the first person to be a grandparent. But to marvel at an amazing new experience makes it feel as if you invented it. I think we all need to fill our lives with “firsts”. The stimulation, wonder and delight tends to ignite passion!

I’ve been reflecting on the intensive planning that loving parents put into growing a healthy child. From a carefully managed diet based on organic food, proper rest and selected activities to stimulate brain development, an optimal growth environment is created.

But then what happens? We reach adulthood and taking caring of ourselves becomes a hit and miss thing. We get busy and default to a Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with imitation food and artificial stimulants. We feed our minds with prime time TV. And this represents the care of feeding of the generation that runs the world. That’s scary.

The interesting thing is that there’s a plethora of books, DVDs, podcasts, coaching opportunities, seminars and the like – enough to transform every living person on the planet that has access. Yet disappointment and unfulfilled dreams continue to haunt an overwhelming number of adults.

Nobody’s likely to spoon-feed you what you need, so I challenge you to consider whether the care and feeding of your intellect, body, relationships and your spirit warrants the kind of success you are looking for. If asked to keep a diary of your habits, do you think you’d be pleased with what you see on paper?

If you think like everyone else thinks and eat what everyone else eats, you’re going to get what everyone else has. Dare to step up to excellence. Rather than overhaul all areas this week, target one and begin. Today.

Hit and miss maintenance won’t cut it, as it’s more often a miss. You are of infinite value. I dare you to treat yourself like the high performance person you are this week to see how it works for you. The best is yet to come!

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