May I See Your Papers, Please?

The state of Arizona has passed a law to deal with illegal immigration that’s created a storm of controversy over the necessity for citizens to carry immigration documents to be able to prove on demand citizenship in the U.S. I’m not going to join the debate over this law, but instead, I have a personal question for you.

Where are your citizenship papers?

I have several copies- I keep mine all over the house and they’re readily accessible by anyone. You may think I’m inviting identity theft. Truth is, my passport and social security card, reflecting my citizenship in the U.S., are in a safe place but it’s my various copies of the Bible which reflect my citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. This citizenship forms my true identity and is the reason that I can enjoy the unmerited favor of God. I’m connected – I’ve got personal contact with the One in the highest place of authority.

Next week, I am teaming with Becky Harmon of Success Not Sabotage for a Tele-Seminar that could truly change your life. Becky is an Identity Coach and we’ll be teaching practical keys to accessing the favor of God. If you want to work smarter, not harder, this call can be pivotal.

There’s a master plan for your life in the Master’s hand that is striking in its simplicity and stunning in its clarity.

Details & Registration for Tele-Seminar on Unmerited Favor: 7 Keys to a New Level of Success

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One Comment on “May I See Your Papers, Please?”

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