Planted in the Right Spot

My grandmother’s fig tree is loaded with sweet, tender figs right now.  This legendary southern woman taught her progeny to relish the fruit and gave sound advice on how to nurture fig trees; plant on the south side as they don’t like the north wind. She advised, “If you give them the basics, they will bless you with fruit all the days of your life. “

Have you ever stood by and watched a fig tree straining to bear fruit? I didn’t think so.  There’s either fruit or there’s not.  My grandmother’s wisdom was that the key to an abundant harvest is to plant it in the right place.

So how’s the fruit in your life? Are you flourishing and enjoying the riches of God’s glory? Are you planted by the stream so that your leaves aren’t withered and experiencing drought?

Perhaps you need to be transplanted. The good news is that you can be transformed and transplanted, beginning right now with the renewing of your mind.  God wants to position you in this season to be a sign and wonder in the earth of His goodness, of His provision and of His immense, inexhaustible love. That’s right, not to just see signs and wonders but to BE one. If you’re called to the marketplace, God wants you to prosper in that place!

I heard someone say recently that “there’s no grace in the marketplace.” I beg to differ.  I believe that goodness and mercy follow me every day and that all my days are crowned with grace.  Do I check grace at the gate of the marketplace when I enter every morning? Absolutely not.

The favor of God in the marketplace transcends the boundaries of traditional business and gives every believer an opportunity to participate in the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the earth. You can be empowered to bring revelation and victory in every gate and mountain and it begins in your own garden! This necessitates that you enlarge your understanding and stretch your faith. I believe that as we grasp the width and length, the depth and height of God’s unmerited favor, we will position ourselves to receive exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.

It’s the season for figs right now.  If your fig check is not measuring up to the fullness you desire, there’s hope. I’m walking this message out; reaching, stretching and sending my roots deeper to reach the provision of His covenant love.  I’m  responding to a call to teach on Unmerited Favor: 7 Keys to Unlock the Gate of Uncommon Success this Wednesday in a Tele-Seminar.  You will receive practical steps on how to apply amazing grace into your life and business to see results beyond your wildest imagination. Don’t miss it. Register Here

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