Highly Flammable

I’ve attended at least a zillion meetings in my career, yet the “WOW” factor that makes them not only memorable, but life-changing, is a formula that eludes many. Not so for  Tory Johnson, who hosted “Spark & Hustle: Turn Your Passion Into Profit” in Atlanta last weekend. The spark she asked each female businesswoman (and two brave men) to bring turned into a roaring fire by the end of three days and has spread like wild-fire as women carry the flame from coast to coast.

Tory started Women for Hire 11 years ago and has built a multi-million dollar business that includes a weekly segment on “Good Morning America” and a New York Times Bestseller while helping women launch and advance their careers through employment and entrepreneurship. Her willingness to be “real” and admit her failures, fears as well as her victories issues a warm and heartfelt invitation to succeed to every woman with a dream to do so.  “If  I can do it, you can too…It didn’t start with high-level connections or deep pockets – just necessity and willpower”, says Tory.

If I start listing the phenomenal women who were presenters, this will turn into a lengthy list of courageous, smart women who are making an amazing contribution every day. It was almost magical the way the collective spirit of every talented woman there created a rare atmosphere in which dreams were given practical strategies that  turned into tangible plans . Television producers gave us “Shark Tank” (which funded panelist Tiffany Krumins’ dream) but the weekend produced the “Spark Tank”, which operates on hope and encouragement  rather than competition and intimidation. That may not be what sells on reality TV but better yet, it sells in our towns and in our businesses.

Encouragement is oxygen for the soul and fire can burn forever with a steady supply of fuel and oxygen.  There’s an upcoming opportunity to join a Strategic Business Launch Team on August 24th. Click Here for Details

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