Put the Fun in Functional

Everybody’s heard of dysfunctional families. Chances are you have personal experience with one. The term “dysfunctional” implies unhealthy relationships, addictive behaviors and continual trauma and drama. 
Businesses can’t afford to operate in  a  dysnfunctional quagmire, yet they often do.  The popular TV show “Office” is probably funny because it’s close enough to reality to make it hilarous. It’s always easier to laugh at someone else’s issues than examine your own. Ouch. 

I help business leaders & entrepreneurs apply innovative strategies to take the “dys” out of dysfuntional business & put the FUN back into functional productivity. I’m not talking about  amusement park, cotton-candy fun. I’m describing the joy that comes in generating profit from your passion and displaying excellence in all you do. It’s having the energy to work hard with enthusiasm because you’re having so much fun.

Mansour Javidan, Dean of Research at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, states, “A team can be dysfunctional for several reasons and a major cause of problems is when the team lacks a common vision.”
Lack of vision and clarity can be a train wreck for a business.  Vision is to business as light is to the growth of a plant. Trees will become contortionists to reach the light, just as you and I should be willing to stretch and grow in the process of doing what we are created and designed to do.

It’s said that each of us is an average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. Look around you.  Is the team you surround yourself with going to help you move forward and prosper?

 Find your DNA in business and your income will grow exponentially. Test me on this.

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