The Ice Cream of Our Learning

“If you’re like me, you’ll jump at the chance to bypass all the churning and scoop the cream right off the top. And that’s what quotes are…the cream of our learning.” ~Zig Ziglar

I’ve made a hobby of collecting quotes since I was in high school.  With the rise of Social Media, I feel like a glutton at an endless buffet table – it can be distracting. I grab them and horde them and sometimes I feel like a walking book. I guess there’s worse things.

Since I’m running hard after the goal to be a Master Communicator, I study how certain authors, speakers and poets craft words in such a way to paint masterfully on the minds and imaginations of others. Some critics say that quotes should only be used sparingly as it implies that you don’t trust the validity of your own thoughts.  I grudgingly agree that you can overuse them. But what better day to call for an ice cream party than Friday? Here’s a few flavorful bites I saved this week:

The things that one most wants to do are the things that are probably most worth doing.~ Henry Ford

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” ~Jim Rohn

A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.”-Eleanor Roosevelt.

By the way, I know the Ziglar quote at the top references churning butter, but I wasn’t born yesterday and to this day, I’ve never seen this done. So any talk of cream brings to my mind, “ice cream”. Which could lead to a whole discussion on the ambiguity factor in using metaphors in speech.  I’ll leave that discussion for another day.

As you enjoy your weekend, try something brand new along the way. I love to fill my life with “firsts”.  The stimulation, wonder and delight tends to ignite passion!  And you can quote me on that.

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One Comment on “The Ice Cream of Our Learning”

  1. I can get distracted by quotes – I love them. In middle school, we got to churn butter! It took a long time. And when I use heavy-whipping cream – well, if I beat it too long, it becomes butter! I enjoyed your quotes!

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