Silent but Deadly

We had an uninvited guest last week and I was an accessory to his murder.  I felt fortunate that my husband saw the coral snake slithering into the garage before he was able to curl up in a hidden place.

The coral snake happens to have the deadliest venom of any North American snake. They are relatively small (especially compared to the rattler I saw last week on the road) and the colors are nice, if that can be said for a reptile.  It’s said they aren’t particularly aggressive, but the venom causes your airways to become paralyzed and death is by asphyxiation. There’s a little ditty I learned years ago as a reminder of how to recognize the deadly coral snake and differentiate it from the non-poisonous king snake; “Red and yellow kill a fellow, red and black are a friend to Jack.”

I look for lessons in nature and experience, and this lesson seems really clear to me. Many of us harbor attitudes or sabotages that don’t seem all that harmful when they’re curled up in the corner. We build our business, dream our dreams and carry on with our lives until one day when we’re down, the silent, but deadly enemy strikes. This snake of self-defeat can carry a variety of names; low self-esteem, addiction, discouragement, rejection, to name a few. But the end-result is paralysis of the airways. It’s hard to do much when you can’t breathe.

The moral of this story is that a zero tolerance policy must exist toward the intruders that spell destruction.  Eradicating them might seem like a lot of trouble when they lay quietly in a dark recess, but complacency can be deadly when it comes to the things that would steal our energy and destroy our vision.

If you need help from someone with a pair of snake boots and the anti-venom called determination, you can call on me. If we leave the metaphors and you have a real snake to deal with, I’ll be sure to send my husband. After all,  teamwork  is another key to success.

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3 Comments on “Silent but Deadly”

  1. Becky Says:

    Holy Cow! Great blog and so true, success is always in the little things, especially when no one see’s you!!

  2. Larry Tyler Says:

    Great post and sooooo true. You need to be speaking on a national scale!! Praying for that to happen.

  3. OMG… I hate snakes!!! Now I know why I love NJ… almost no deadly reptiles. Great article even with the slitherly bugger!

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