Recover Your Roar


Does the thought of your team make you smile or groan? Perhaps it’s time for some strategic team building. It’s said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. That makes team building crucial to your success.

In preparing to do some redefining with some business teams, I’ve been studying  lions. Most lions live in a pride – a small group of 5 or 6 adult females, their cubs and one or two other males. (Not much different than the size of a small business.)  They hunt in coordinated groups and tasks are delegated according to skill sets. Lions have no natural predators but the majority  die violently at the hands of humans or other lions.  Sound familiar?  It’s tempting to go off into a lesson on lions, but time demands that I address, “what does that mean for you?”

Most teams die through killing their own members. Communication is a vital part of the longevity of the pride. The roar is used to advertise the presence of the pride.

How’s your team’s roar?  Is it distinctive or is your team headed for extinction?
It’s a jungle out there – it’s time to get it right.

Join me and Becky Harmon as we present a free Tele-seminar on Weds., Sept. 22 at 12 Noon ET on
Team Building: Recover Your Roar. Click Here to Register

When you work on the weaknesses of your organization you get by.
When you work on the strengths you get great.~ Dave Anderson

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