Better Together

I’ve been an entrepreneur longer than some of you have been alive. Shocking, I know.  The independent spirit of a pioneer and a trailblazing attitude are part of my DNA.  I’ve scorned committees  and mostly resisted wasting time in meetings with groups that had no power to effect change.  However, experience has taught me that there’s just some things you can’t do alone.

Many businesses and organizations today are like a “Jenga” tower.  Every employee, service and  piece of equipment that wasn’t absolutely essential has been removed, putting extra weight on those who  remain.  This has created a weariness in those who have endured and persevered in the  daily struggle to prevent the “tipping point”, the crash that occurs when a key piece becomes unstable.

One of my favorite football teams is exhibiting such instability from losing key players and adjusting to a new coach, so it looks like this will be a season of rebuilding. Football, at its best, is a display of the power of team. While America pulls on their game gear, it’s a good time to assess the effectiveness of your team and make a strategic plan for your organization. The defensive team has had full priority as we’ve maneuvered through a tough season.  Now it’s time for the game plan to change.

The process of selecting team players, training and preparation, the relationships that are forged as the team members learn to pull together under duress, the leadership of the quarterback and the oversight of a carefully selected coach; these are the behind-the-scenes elements that make or break the score on game day.  So it goes with your team, whether it’s in the workplace, ministry, athletics, community service or a political organization.

People are complicated and sometimes downright ornery, but when weighing the benefits of a brilliant team, the payoff underscores the value of working through the process to develop your game. To name a few:

  • Loyalty, support and encouragement
  • Synergism
  • Accountability – Most of us function better with some form of this
  • The freedom to shine in your area of brilliance while counting on others to compensate for weaknesses
  • Tapping into the best in others through the “MasterMind” effect
  • Maximized use of time
  • Part of something bigger than yourself.  Focus is on the greater good.
  • Fun Factor- be sure to include this!

Instead of the tipping point being a “Jenga” crash, it’s time to redefine it as a “suddenly season” when cumulative events manifest  a startling result that appears to have happened overnight. Some victories can be won single-handedly through sheer determination. More often than not, all of us together are better than anyone of us by ourselves. Heave-Ho!

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One Comment on “Better Together”

  1. Becky Says:

    People are complicated and sometimes downright ornery. Okay, sorry to get fixed on that one phrase but it made me snort laugh thinking of a couple teams I had been on (and I might have been the complicated and ornery one:)
    GREAT points about power of teaming and as always, your clarity makes me want MORE!

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