Those who are activating strategic alliances in the current economy are onto one of the keys of recovery and remarkable success.  One of the best examples I’ve witnessed of business owners going beyond networking to give each other a hand up are the women of Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle.

One of the women I connected with in Atlanta this summer, Jane Falter, has the intriguing title of Encore Coach. Jane was a successful HR professional and six-figure income earner in corporate America when she was laid off in recent years. To compound the loss, she walked through some dark woods in her personal life as well. Not an unusual scenario, but there’s a marvelous story regarding what happened next.  

Since Jane is mature and experienced (not always valued in industry (ahem), she redefined herself, moved across the country to North Carolina and started something new – her Encore Coaching Business.  There’s much more to her story of courage and triumph, but you have an opportunity to hear her next week as I join with her to present
How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.”   She’s walking the talk and if you are over 40 and ready to get a new perspective and a plan for a stunning future, don’t miss this free Tele-Seminar. Click Here for More Information and to Register.

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