Prepare the Way!

I’ve lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida (or not far inland) my entire life and have seen many hurricanes sweep through, leaving piles of debris and rubble.  After the clean-up, there’s always renovation; I looked at some photos this week showing before and after shots from a storm 5 years ago and what was built after the devastation is more beautiful than what had stood before.

That is exactly the process we need to embrace in the times we live in.  Now is the time to not only plan but to act, to not only imagine but to build. To live out of our imagination, not our history. The media and the government have dictated the atmosphere of our nation and our economy and I say, “No More!” If you’re waiting to see what the “new normal” looks like, stop waiting and let’s create it.

Leaders who hear the call to come up to new levels of understanding and thinking and who embrace freshness will experience abundance in the days ahead. It’s time to weave information and insight together to walk intentionally into a brilliant future.

There are more than 27.5 million small businesses in the United States, which have generated 65% of new jobs over the past 17 years and employ half of all private sector employees. ( This sector forms an army of hard-working, visionary people.  If you own a small business, you are strategically positioned as an officer in this army. Your decisions and direction in the next year are critically important.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, communities pull together and people help each other in unprecedented ways. Thus I feel the call to facilitate the formation of strategic alliances that generate creativity, magnetize resources and accelerate the building process.

 If you want to be a part of this extraordinary move by joining a team of radical change-makers, you are invited to consider  “Creating A Team That Roars.” This strategic team launches next Wednesday, Oct. 13th. There are only a few spots left. Make a difference.

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