The Architecture of “Yes”

In our busy, fast-paced culture, we are often coached on the need to say “No” more often. But it’s the “Yeses” that mold our days, shape our years and determine our destiny.

Your involvement ends when you utter a no. A yes takes you into the gym of character development as the reality of commitment kicks in. It’s the word that holds you accountable to follow through even when the mood has left you. Endurance calls as you let your yes be yes and become a person who honors your word.

Yes. One little word that can pack a lot of living in it.

The “yes” to an opportunity to move to a different city or take a new job that alters your life in unimagined ways.

The “yes” to a covenant commitment to love, honor and cherish one person for all the days of your life.

The “yes” to help someone in need that leaves a permanent imprint on your heart.

The “yes” to your dream to start a business that stretches you past all the boundaries you knew.

The small yes as well as the big YES that all become the architecture of our lives.

Choose wisely.

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One Comment on “The Architecture of “Yes””

  1. Right on!! Love your take on this issue! It reminds me of the verse that tells us God is a God of YES and AMEN!

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