Stop, Look and Listen

It would be really helpful if we could automate certain features in our psyche.

When I was in Home Depot recently, a guy was helping me tie some stuff on my car. (My husband’s a builder, so you never know what you’ll see strapped to my Lexus.)  While the employee was helping me, his beeper went off no less than 4 times in 3 minutes with someone saying that assistance was needed in door locks. After the 4th interruption, I was getting a little annoyed and asked him what the deal was. He said “it’s automated so that the message continues to sound until someone physically goes to the area and deactivates the announcement manually.”

That got me thinking. It would be helpful if I could set up features that would keep me on track. Like reminders to not skip exercise, even if I seem too busy or it’s too hot or too cold. Or helpful warnings that sounded if I eat things that are not healthy. There’s a lot of areas I could use some help in.  Warning systems to keep me on track would be cool. Oh my goodness, isn’t that what headaches are? Isn’t that what stress is – a warning system? Ah –  the problem is the fact we’ve become conditioned to ignore the signals.

It is all too human to get off course, even with clearly set goals.  There are times when I find myself pretty far from where I intended to be and think, “how the heck did I get way over here?”  One step at a time, probably ignoring the warning signals the whole way.

Stop, look and listen.  One reason people work with a coach is to implement a system that enables them to get their business healthy again. It’s called accountability.

What’s that sound?

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