We Are the Champions

I live near the course of the Florida Iron Man Triathlon. Since Panama City has hosted the race for years, I’ve been caught in the traffic delays more times than I care to remember. Aside from the inconvenience of the traffic issues, it’s still thrilling just to see the thousands of athletes that come from all over the world giving their all in the grueling competition.

Every single person that competes in that race is a champion, regardless of where they place at the finish line. The commitment to train, prepare and show up for such a test of stamina is remarkable and I’m sure each athlete has a story of how life-changing the process is.  

You and I may not ever compete as a tri-athlete, but we have the opportunity to be a champion every day. If you’re working for something that’s bigger than yourself – you can be a champion. In fact, one of the definitions of champion is “a visionary advocate who clears the field for the triumph of the idea.”

Stay in the race- your effort is affecting more people than you are aware of.

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