Slingshot Success

You’ve watched as others who seem less qualified and less prepared experience the kind of success you’ve dreamed of and worked for. You question yourself and think, “What’s missing? When will I see the results I’ve worked my tail off to attain?”

It’s TIME!

Join me as I team with Becky Harmon of for a free Tele-Seminar.

SlingShot Success:
5 Practical Tools to Double Your Income in 2011

Tuesday, November 16th, 12 Noon ET

• Practical Tools to Magnetize New Clients/Customers
• Make the Complete Shift from a Poverty Mentality to Kingdom Mentality
• Identify Sabotage & Ruthlessly & Relentlessly Uproot it
• Learn How to Speak to your Destiny
• Revelation on How to Use What you Already Have to Make Money!

If you want different results for your business, then you need to take different action … NOW!
Becky and I have been dubbed “The Breakthrough Two” by those who have trained with us. You will never be satisfied with “very good” once you’ve tasted “remarkable”. Register Now

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