Blind Spot

How many crashes have you almost been in because you didn’t check your blind spot? It makes my heart pound to think of some of those close calls – particularly the ones on the Interstate. My husband bought me one of those little mirrors that attaches to the regular rearview mirror and enhances your ability to see what’s coming up on you. Handy little sucker that works amazingly well.

As a consultant and trainer for business leaders and entrepreneurs, I specialize in eliminating blind spots.  If you don’t think you have one, yours is probably bigger than anyone else’s.  We all have them – it’s part of being human.  Medical science actually calls this a scotoma, a physiological obscuration of the visual field corresponding to the inability to detect light in part of the optic disc. The fascinating thing is the brain fills in the surrounding information from the other eye so the blind spot is not normally perceived. Applied to business the lesson is profound.  

Part of my brief description of what I do is to take the “dys” out of dysfunctional businesses and put the “fun” back into functional productivity.  Dysfunction is defined as “impaired or abnormal function” and can describe any area from sales & marketing to human resources & management effectiveness. The fall-out ranges from communication breakdowns and barren teams to weak marketing and a culture of discontent.

My goal is to bring revelation,  not just information – transformation, not just inspiration. I’m all about the activation of fresh ideas and opening lines of communication.  That leads to the implementation of strategies that lead into a season of creative abundance. Everybody has more fun when they are getting along and making more money!

Dysfunction happens in businesses  of every size; it’s just that the model  looks different for a solopreneur than for an office with 50 people.

Consider a few questions while you’re here:

Am I trying to control others and direct their actions based on my motivations or am I drawing on their intrinsic motivations?

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being ideal, what is the atmosphere of my office?

If you want a specific example of a dysfunctional business, I daresay you may not need to look farther than your own.  The challenge is, you may not see what’s coming up on you if it’s in your blind spot. Maybe you need one of those mirrors that enhances your vision. You won’t be surprised to know I have one.

Take a deeper look by joining me next Tuesday Nov. 16  at noon for a Free Tele-Seminar. One of the strategies we’ll discuss is how to identify sabotage & ruthlessly & relentlessly uproot it. Details HERE

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2 Comments on “Blind Spot”

  1. Becky Harmon Says:

    That was great. Loved this question.
    Am I trying to control others and direct their actions based on my motivations or am I drawing on their intrinsic motivations?
    So many times rather than model, we try and fix. Never works. I love the way you always point to ownership in your lessons.

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