Sticky Marketing

你好’ [nǐ hǎo] I can speak a bit of Chinese – learned in a most unlikely place.  If you’d watched  “Big Bird Goes to China”  seven gazillion times like I did when our children were little, you’d know some Chinese too.

Sesame Street celebrated 40 years of television programming this week, providing an interesting study of smart marketing resulting in unprecedented success. Malcolm Gladwell uses this show as an example of “stickyness”, one of three critical elements for success in reaching “The Tipping Point” – when social epidemics work. Stickyness is the principle that little things can make a BIG difference. The educational research that went into making the show effective at teaching as well as engaging both parents and children together is impressive.

I witnessed the Sticky factor recently when I sat down with my one year old grandchild to introduce her to Elmo. Predictably, she was smitten. And I confess, the genius behind the show drew me in to watch this scene with Norah Jones and a muppet more than once. That’s either impressive marketing or I’m a big kid. Okay- it’s both.

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