5 Smooth Stones

The story of David & Goliath was played out thousands of years ago on foreign soil, yet all who are reading this probably know the story well. There are many reasons why it still conveys powerful lessons many generations later. That’s why Slingshot Success is the inspired name for High Impact Team Training with Beverly Lewis and Becky Harmon.

What seems small in our eyes can be an instrument for big change. Whether it’s coaching people that aren’t yet walking in the strength of their identity or implementing little ideas that can revolutionize a business, the Slingshot System for Success is built with five smooth stones.

When David decided to defy the giant and take a position that seemingly more qualified warriors were unwilling to take, he was offered the finest armor and the latest weaponry. He wisely chose to use the equipment he was experienced and comfortable with, a sling shot. Five carefully selected stones were his ammunition.

The five carefully selected stones that are unique to the Slingshot Success System are

1) Accountability & Pacing
2) Boldness with Boundaries
3) Activation of Hidden Assets
4) Authentic Connections/ Strategic Alliances
5) Bedrock of Faith

Are you being called to a new level of faith and productivity? Tomorrow, Nov. 16, you have the opportunity to join Becky and Beverly for a Free Tele-Seminar at noon ET to learn 5 Strategies that Can Double Your Income in 2011. Don’t despise small beginnings. David didn’t and we’re still talking about his victory today!
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