“Every adversity carries within it the seed of equal or greater benefit” is an adage I’ve heard many times and spoken more than a few times myself.  But somehow, it didn’t always ring true to me. I’ve figured out why.  There’s a big “IF” that has to follow the adversity part.  The benefit is magnetized to you  IF you position yourself for the reward through a good attitude and  positive expectancy.  If your head is hanging too low and you’re hanging out with the whinos*, you’ll miss the reward.

Case in point is the last two weeks in FSU football. This article in the Palm Beach Post tells the story of how kicker Dustin Hopkins went from the lowest point in his career to a soaring victory in one short week. In a game against North Carolina, Hopkins flubbed two kicks in the fourth quarter and the game was lost.

I was very interested when my daughter, a junior at FSU, sent me this article about how Hopkins responded to the crushing disappointment. Most kickers would be hanging their head and dodging the media . Hopkins set himself apart from his predecessors by stepping up to an interview with this to say – “ I think God just puts us in some situations with highs and lows. And sometimes, you can affect more people with how you react in your low time than you can in your highs.”

Just one week later, with a critical victory resting on a 55-yard field goal attempt, Hopkins scored a historical win. Ahhhh – Redemption!
I daresay most of us experience our share of adversity.

I know I’m  going to make sure I’m correctly positioned with the right response, so when the reward comes around the corner, I’m going to score.

From Beverly’s Personal Dictionary:
*Whino-  wine-o One who moans and complains.

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