Let’s Change the Subject!

Writing strong, clear copy that makes your message stand out in the never-ending flow of information is no small task. Subject lines are the shortest part of your email message but often determine whether your email gets opened, much less read.

Granted, who the message is from is the most important determinant in whether an email gets opened. But the next factor is subject line. Since browsers vary in the way messages are displayed, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep the subject line under 45 characters (with spaces).

Write the message first, then compose the subject line based on content and relevance.  If you want to highlight a word, capitalization is okay with ONE word but not more. Remember, your recipients won’t appreciate shouting.

I’ve just discovered Copyblogger.com as a resource for writing effective copy. Contributor Brian Clark published an article on email marketing – specifically the importance of a good subject line to get your message opened and read by recipients. He writes, “Email is back. Despite repeated proclamations of its extinction… You might not reach the average college freshman, but for slightly older types (you know, the ones with the money), email is still the way to go in many lucrative mainstream niches.

“When you’re writing your next email subject line, run it through this checklist, based on the Four “U” Approach:

Useful: Is the promised message valuable to the reader?
Ultra-specific: Does the reader know what’s being promised?
Unique: Is the promised message compelling and remarkable?
Urgent: Does the reader feel the need to read now?”

A thought-provoking, compelling subject line is worth taking the time to create. It’s all about first impressions  and they’re important! Have a little fun with this, dare to think outside the box  and have a little fun with subject lines this week.

These thoughts can be applied to blog subject lines as well. So,  what would you have titled this post?

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