Cheap & Healthy Stress-Relief

Growing up on the gulf coast of Florida, I’ve often said that my roots are in the sea oats.  A walk on the beach is one of my favorite stress-relievers of all time.

With all the emphasis on going green, I had to chuckle the other day when I stumbled across the term “ecopsychology.”  It seems that for years,  researchers have been looking at what happens to our bodies and brains when we walk in woods, in the mountains or by the sea.

Statistics show that people do better on tests involving memory or attention after trekking through the woods than after walking in a city. People have increased levels of physical and mental energy as well as a greater sense of well being after walking along an outdoor path beside a stream.

It gives your multitasking brain a break.  Stress levels are reduced. Blood pressure and heart rate subside.

Since I’m not one of those people that takes pleasure in exercise, this kind of information is just the motivation I need to get out the door and get moving.  It’s ecopsychology.

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