Relationship Economics

I found some unexpected surprises in the newly released book Romancing the Loan: 14 Principles For Opening Your Lender’s Vault by Larry Tyler.  Larry’s background is in banking and I knew he had a message for business owners.

The unexpected part was how interesting he made the material – a sure sign of a good writer. So many business books are good for about the first half and then fall into repetition and sheer wordiness. This book is good to the last word!

Since I’m a right-brained thinker, it’s no surprise that the relationship emphasis of the book resonated with me. I really like his term “relationship economics.”  Larry explains “Machines have a sole purpose, to make money, an organization, comprised of people and dependent on relationships have a soul purpose. Business relationships in America tend to focus first on the business and then consider developing a relationship – a money-minded versus relationship-minded philosophy. When times get hard economically, it’s only the web & fiber of relationships that carry you through. A focus on relationship economics can give your business a lift that will astonish the doom and gloom prognosticators.” 

For a detailed description and ordering information, CLICK HERE

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