3 Tips for Successfully Rebooting Your Energy, Passion & Vision

It’s a most wonderful time of the year!

But what about next week?

Statistics reveal that more than a few people suffer from post-holiday depression. In the past, I scheduled lots of paperwork and clean-up tasks for the week after Christmas; things like getting prepped for taxes, clearing folders, putting away all the Christmas decorations and such. Since I loathe paperwork & cleaning, it became a set-up for the post-holiday blues. Instead of starting the New Year fresh,  I would often feel sluggish and frustrated.

I’ve revised my plan now to make the week after Christmas a great time to reboot my internal drive.   These are a few things I’ll be doing to reboot:

1. Make a new vision board. While the tape, scissors, markers and mess from Christmas are still out, create a fun poster board that’s a visual map for your upcoming journey. If you have family still visiting, you can invite them to join you and gain a deeper understanding of what’s important to them.  You are not too old or too cool for this. Come on, lighten up!

2. Review options and decide which business conferences you will invest your time and money to attend in 2011. Make a list of what books you will read.  You will be the same person this time next year EXCEPT for the books you read and the people you spend time with. Don’t leave this up to chance!

3. Exercise & Rest. A healthy body supports a healthy mind.  Recharge your energy.  Find a new form of exercise that’s FUN. And then take a snooze.

Three simple things. You can do it.

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