Change is Good

I intended to write one of those posts last week linking to my “best” articles of 2010 with a look back at the biggest lessons of the year. I did look back, but at some point I got a crick in my neck and realized the truth of the saying, “Your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror for a reason: What’s in front of you is more important than what’s behind you.” As I look ahead, I am thankful that I’ve learned to embrace change, because things are a’ changin’!

I remember in 1998 when “Who Moved My Cheese” was published, we all thought we were in a huge shift. Now it seems that the 90’s were just the warm-up for change!

Since change is inevitable and improvement is optional, it’s wise to develop your flexibility.
Agility is a key word for business success in the current climate.

This 3 minute clip from titled, “Change is Good – You Go First“, will encourage you.

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