I Declare

It’s interesting to think how many truths are buried in sayings we’ve heard all our lives. I can still hear my grandmother’s sweet southern voice saying “Well, I declare.”

What do you declare? Crafting your words means designing and building what you want into your life. It’s easy to be careless with words but since they are powerful beyond measure, wisdom dictates that we be intentional.

Just in case you need a reminder about the power of words, do this simple exercise:
Count from 1 to 10 in your mind.
Somewhere between 1 & 10 say your name out loud.
Notice that your spoken word IMMEDIATELY interrupts what was going on in your mind.
Your words are POWERFUL!

Powerful people direct their minds by speaking powerfully. You can call them declarations, affirmations, proclamations…. the important thing is to call them!  The technique of declaring what you want OUT LOUD every day is one of the simplest ways to change your life and thus is often overlooked. Get some index cards and write down what you want to call forth into your life this year.

What’s in your mouth today? I declare. ..

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One Comment on “I Declare”

  1. Leisa LaDell Says:

    Great reminder. Declaring is one of the most powerful action we can take to shape the direction and flavor our lives.

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