No Idle Here

Hopes, talent, mockery, hype – the ridiculous and the sublime – American Idle has it all.  That wasn’t a spelling error since I parked and idled with millions of viewers last night to take in the Idol show as they begin Season 10.  I confess a fascination with watching the process of raw talent being refined, developed and launched.  The sad part is how many Americans sit idly watching others achieve their dreams, thinking the opportunity has passed them by.

The world has yet to see the full expression of what’s inside of you.

So what are you doing about it? Do you have a plan to develop it, express it, impart it? Something will be lost without it.

If you’re like most of the business owners and non-profit leaders I talk to, you need more clients or members and simply put – (without trying to offend you) more success. Would a purposed and paced systematic plan for growing your small business or ministry help you?

Heads up! The Lion’s Guild could be an amazing opportunity for you. I “get” what it’s like to have no support and no real pacing as you grow your vision. (Basically it creates frustration and lackluster results.) Becky Harmon ( Success Not Sabotage Coaching) and I have heard through the many emails and conversations we’ve had that people are desperate for support and clarity at a start-up price. That is exactly why we created Slingshot Success. We have seen the financial provision that comes from prayer, teaming and strategic alliances. If you need to grow your business or ministry, you can’t  afford not to have the collaboration a team provides. The Lion’s Guild is one of a kind. We provide you with the practical coaching you need to grow while providing the intercessory prayer to nurture your heart, ignite your faith and boldly declare supernatural favor and growth into your vision.

WE START NEXT WEEK! Don’t miss your “suddenly” season, it’s HERE.

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